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Carry The Fire Worshipmob CD

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WorshipMob, the Colorado collective of worship leaders and musicians who have connected with a global audience through 54,000 YouTube channel subscribers to date and over 9 million views of their impassioned, organically-produced videos.
Worship Mob: • Identity (who we are in Christ) • Unity (one body, many churches) • Freedom (without agenda)

YouTube has proven to be a huge platform for Worship Mob generating over 8 million views of original songs and their covers of songs from Jesus Culture, All Sons & Daughters and Hillsong. Worship “Mobs” are starting to form throughout the world including: Cleveland, Dallas and NYC in the U.S., along with Rwanda, Bali, the Philippines and Australia.

Hailing from Colorado Springs, Colorado, Worship Mob was formed by founder Sean Mulholland and co-leader Garrett Chynoweth, almost 4 years ago. What started as a gathering between two local worship teams has now grown into weekly, Thursday night meetings of 70-80 people representing over 25 churches. They meet together to support and pray for one another, their churches and their community.

Worship Mob longs for the Church to be unified & believes that God speaks through His people. Their main goals are to encourage creativity, edify through scripture and encourage one another to lead from the heart.

‘WorshipMob is a gathering of local worship leaders, musicians and Jesus-lovers from many churches across our region. Our vision is to spend time in our Father’s presence, learn about His love, and then live as sons and daughters of the King, purchased through Jesus’ sacrifice for us. This allows us to walk in the power and giftings of the Holy Spirit and help others to come into that same beautiful relationship.’

Our Father Has Won
Arrested By Grace
We Are Yours
Love Outran Me
You Make Me Brave
Here With You
More And More Of You
Light Up The World
Oceans / Nothing But The Blood
Love Break Down These Walls

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