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Doug Horley - Bumper Whumper Combo - 4CD

Wow! What a collection of fantastically groovy songs... Please welcome to the stage the 'Bumper Whumper Combo'!!! Take it away Doug! Doug is one of the UK's leading children's workers and his heart is to see children meet with God powerfully and for them to have huge amounts of fun! - Tracks: 1 Who's In The House 2 This Is The House Of God 3 I'm Gonna Build My House (Matthew 7: 24-27) 4 Let's Make God Happy/I Want To Be A Tree That's Bearing Fruit (I Want To Be A Blooming Tree) 5 Come To The Father 6 Hands Hands Fingers Thumbs 7 Lift His Name High 8 I Want To Be Out Of My Depth In Your Love 9 We Want To See Jesus Lifted High 10 Hold On To The Promises Of God 11 I've Got A Wobbly Tooth 12 You're A Child Of God 13 There Is A God 14 God Is For You 15 Worship Adventure 16 Let's Bring A Little Heaven 17 Have We Made Our God Too Small 18 We Are Warriors 19 Oi Oi We Are Gonna Praise The Lord 20 Do Not Worry 21 Free To Live In Your Love 22 Let Your Fire Fall 23 King Of Heaven 24 Come Out Of The Darkness 25 Lord Come Shake This House 26 Hark The Herald Angels Sing 27 I Would Be Lost Without You 28 Like The River Needs The Rain 29 Take It Out To The People 30 Put Your Hands In The Sky 31 Oh It's Great Great Brill Brill 32 I Will Be Yours 33 Harry And Larry - Try This 34 Whoopah Wahey 35 Harry And Larry And An Eyeball 36 Is There A Plank In Your Eye 37 Faith As Small As A Mustard Seed 38 King Of Love 39 I'm Forever In Your Love 40 Jabulani 41 You Won't Get To Heaven On The Back Of A Camel 42 The Custard Cream Song 43 Touch A Finger 44 Captain Codswallop And The Stolen Treasure 45 The Measure Of The Treasure 46 You Are A Warrior (The Cry Of Your Heart) 47 Battle Stations - Put Your Armour On 48 Run The Race 49 Let It Out 50 Bounce 51 Harry And Larry - What 52 I'm Gonna Jump Up And Down (Be Happy) 53 Harry And Larry And A Bunch Of Animals 54 Lovely Jubbly 55 Harry And Larry And Some Special Guests 56 God Loves Me 57 Harry And Larry And The Greenhouse 58 Small Is The Gate 59 Can Sheep Speak Danish 60 Talk Talk 61 And I Will Praise Your Name Forever (Any Kind Of Weather) 62 Every Day That I Live 63 Not Just When The Sun Is Shining (24-7) 64 What Love Is This 65 May The God Of Hope

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