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Ian McIntosh - Awakened - CD

‘Awakened’ is an album full of emotion. It has a distinct sound with an aggressive and atmospheric tone that connects the listener on a spiritual level. But it is undeniably worship. Starting with the first song ‘Such Beauty’, Ian immediately sets the tone by expressing a need for God. This album is full of passionate, energetic songs including ‘You Are’, ‘Always Good’, and ‘Everything Good’. These songs are very moving titles that express worship in a different way. Some have very few words, and are explosive, emotional and moving in the melodies carried by vocals and instruments alike. The track ‘Adoration’ is mostly a poem, ending the album in a complete expression of worship that is concluded by singing with no lyrics. Whether it’s the dramatic piano hooks, the ethereal vocals, or the massive guitars behind it all, the music is compellingly creative in nature. Powerful and airy hooks show up throughout the album. Each song encourages the listener to respond in some way. Some people will respond by singing along, while others respond inwardly. This album begs for a response. This album is explosive. - Tracks: 1 Intro 2 Such Beauty 3 Everything Good 4 Made to Love 5 Awakened 6 Fully Loved 7 You Are 8 Always Good 9 Rejoicing 10 Keep Me 11 Adoration

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