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Live To Worship 5 - 2CD - Various Artists

Live To Worship serves up its fifth adventure, and this time there’s no map to follow. All we have is the sure knowledge that these are great days for the worshipping church. Wherever you look - wherever you listen - there are songs coming out that encourage, inspire, challenge and redirect. If the songwriters are the new theologians for the day, then they’re taking their role seriously. The words that are coming out are every bit as honest, as inspired and as vital today as ever. So, Live To Worship 5 is another compilation of 28 worship tracks taken from the very best of today’s worship leaders and songwriters. But it’s so much more than yet another compilation album... listen and soak it up for yourself. - Tracks: 1 Your Name High 2 God Is Smiling 3 Because Of Your Love 4 The Way That You Father Me 5 Not Guilty Anymore 6 God With Us 7 You're Beautiful 8 Promised Land 9 Song Of Hope 10 You're The Light 11 King Of Wonders 12 God Of Our Yesterdays 13 Salvations Song 14 River 15 Fill My Cup 16 God Only Wise 17 Praise The Lord Who Reigns Above 18 Redeemer 19 Adoration 20 Rise 21 King Forever 22 Rescuer 23 Give Us Your Courage 24 Saviour And Friend 25 Your Grace Is Enough 26 Outrageous Grace 27 How Sweet The Name 28 Where Is Grace Hiding

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