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The Ascension CD Phil Wickham

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The Ascension is the 5th full album from the worship leading singer-songwriter Phil Wickham. Featuring 11 new songs, Ascension continues to show Wickham's talent for writing poetic inspiring lyrics teamed with infectious heart touching melodies.

Wickham's compelling vocals give The Ascension CD a spiritual focus created in beautiful word and sound that draws you to make own, personal ascent to the mountain of God.

Spiritually wise and emotionally deep, this is both a reminder and encouragement for that forward movement we are all called to make in our personal walk of faith.The album features Wickham's soaring vocal range, skilled guitar licks and unexpected yet singable melodies.

Phil's lyrics and harmonies make accessible deeper concepts of what it means to ascend to God in this life; overcoming obstacles and worldly distractions along the way. abound. You are reassured that, by perseverance, you can find the life you were meant to have: an abundance of God's presence and a longing for heaven.

Phil is a regular at the UK's Soul Survivor summer festivals and also performs on main stage at this year's Big Church Day Out event. Find him making a guest appearance on Chris Tomlin's No. 1 hit album 'Burning Lights' with the track 'Thank You God For Saving Me'.


1.The Ascension
2.Holy Light
3.Carry My Soul
4.This Is Amazing Grace
5.Over All
6.When My Heart Is Torn
9.Tears of Joy

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